FixaShield’s Windshield Repair Tools use Patented Technology From

Windshield Repair Tools
Windshield Repair Tools
Windshield Repair Tools

FixaShield uses Crack Eraser Windshield Repair Tools because:

  • One adjustment bolt makes this design easier and faster to use because 1 bolt is twice as fast as 2 bolts.

  • They are easier to clean because the patented design puts the threads on the outside. The resin never touches the threads.

  • Crack Eraser tools are well proven technology, and they have been used on over 200,000 repairs with a success rate of 99%.

  • The acrylic repair resins are specially formulated to have a fast cure time, and they have been made to create a very strong and clear bond with the glass.

  • They are Made in the USA! FixaShield is proud to use high quality American Made tools that are built to last.

Pressure … Vacuum … Marketing … Reality …

All these words do have meaning when it comes to windshield repair tools. But when everyone says they have the new, great, best tools around, it can be hard to sift through all the hype.

Some dealers sell on high vacuum and pressure numbers, some sell on auto features and battery packs. These things may work nicely in a controlled environment. Many tools look good when working on small artificially made chips. But in the real world, rocks and hail are a real threat. Due to temperature swings, real world damage often spreads. Because most people are busy, chips get put off and they become exposed to the elements and can get dirt inside the chip. 

In the real world, higher pressure can often mean higher failure rates. High pressure on a hot day makes for a higher chance of cracks spreading. This is not a numbers game, and reality is not always going to agree with fancy, marketable procedures.

What FixaShield really needs is the ability to adjust the pressure as the situation changes, and resins that cure clear, strong, and fast. Variable pressure, customization, flexibility, and efficiency. These things are what true professionals seek, and that is what we get with Crack Eraser Windshield Repair Tools.

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